Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Stuffed and Spoilt!!

Find my pots in gorgeous hampers from Kent ...... http://www.stuffedandspoilt.co.uk/
Rustic Espresso Tray
Coffee connoisseurs will be eternally grateful to receive the Rustic Espresso Tray. This gourmet gift is stuffed with wonderful coffee, luxurious chocolates and beautiful hand-thrown mugs which have been carefully sourced from local artisan companies in Kent. Treat someone special with this delicious present, perfect for any occasion.


Chilli Dipping Tray
Chilli addicts will adore the Chilli Dipping Tray. Stuffed & Spoilt have carefully sourced the hottest chilli dipping sauce, red hot chilli crackers and red chilli jelly from the finest suppliers. With two heart-shaped hand-thrown dipping dishes, this makes a fiery gift for any occasion.
In a re-useable wooden tray


Salt & Piggy Box
This delicate Cornish sea salt is far superior than your average table salt. Use to season meat on the barbecue or to add flavour to stews and soups. In a hand-thrown salt pig with wooden spoon, the Salt & Piggy box will make a luxurious addition to your kitchen


new milk jugs on Etsy........