Tuesday, 7 February 2012

All things heart shaped...

New heart shaped dishes can now be found in my Etsy shop http://www.nataliebonneyceramic.etsy.com/

This is a Heart Shaped garlic grater/masher dish.  Far better than a garlic crusher because once you have mashed up the garlic (simply peel a clove and rub back and forth over the rough circular pattern) you can then use the dish to either mix in some butter, fresh herbs, Cornish Sea Salt, pepper and make a quick and tasty garlic butter or you can add olive oil to make a yummy bread dip!  A great mess saver!

 Dishwashable, tactile and once you've got one you won't want to be without it!!

This is a Heart Shaped Nesting Dish set.  This set consists of 3x 4"-3" little unique handmade heart dishes that fit inside each other.  Each  has a tactile smooth handmade Celadon glaze in varying shades of blue.

All pots are dishwashable and microwave safe so they're great for dips/olives/nibbles or use them for tea candles or jewelry. 

They make great home warming gifts, wedding presents or something for the foodie who has everything!

Heart shaped mixing bowl with handmade wood spreader. 

Great for mixing a little side salad or use for a chunky dip.  You could even use it to eat your morning muesli and yogurt. 

Dishwashable, versatile and tactile and affordable!