Friday, 14 March 2014


2014 so far! 

I've been busy tidying my studio! A far bigger task than I realised after 5 years of non-stop potting!  It is still a bit of a mess but an organised mess! :)

New deliveries to White Doll Arts in Fowey yesterday, Halzephron Herb Shop Falmouth and Halzephron Herb Shop Truro this week and a new delivery to Sarah's Shop in Helford Passage in the next day or two!

White Doll's new cups!


Next month is Trereife House Easter Food and Craft Fair 18th-21st April expect loads of local fab tasty treats including Trereife's own Courtyard Cafe, wonderful local handmade crafts and a fun Easter Egg hunt in the beautiful gardens of Trereife House!

In May you can find me at Enys Gardens Craft Fair in Penryn, which with any luck will coincide with the amazing Bluebell flowering season!  I'll be in the main house.

Enys Garden's Bluebell spectacular